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Family Photography

Documenting your story is important

Children grow in the blink of an eye, your surroundings will change over time, and although your life may seem quite ordinary, there is nothing more meaningful than having this season of life artistically preserved.

With any session, my priority is to celebrate the little things that make you and your loved ones extraordinary.

Let’s savour the moments that matter most to you now before they melt away.

What to expect in a documentary session

In my world, family photography is not about stiff poses and cheesy grins. I offer relaxed, fun sessions that best provide an opportunity to let your story unfold naturally.

We can keep it simple by capturing the magic hidden in your daily routines. Sometimes I’ll suggest to plan an activity that your family typically enjoys doing together. Or perhaps there’s a special adventure or tradition you want to document. The focus is not on what you are doing but who makes your heart swell.

Sessions are held where everyone will be most comfortable; this is usually at your home and/or another favourite location of your choice (at the beach, family cottage, museum, etc.).

Who are documentary sessions for?

Documentary sessions are perfect for families at any stage – with newborns, preschoolers, older children, teenagers, or expecting a new baby. They are also suitable for couples of any age – from newly dating to retirees. Everyone has a story!

Simple all-inclusive Collections

There is no session or creative fees and no confusing price structure. There are two options available for your family session and both include all of the valuable high-resolution digital files.


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